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Biodynamic Cranial Therapy & Massage

supporting your inner landscapes of health 



Sarah Hall Portland Based Biodynamic Massage and Cranial Therapist

Biodynamic cranial therapy and biodynamic massage are direct and powerful ways to work in relationship with the intelligent foundation of health alive inside you.  


As a practitioner of biodynamic therapies,  I support that inner wisdom by accessing the body's signals through a refined form of listening.  I approach you with an open heart and internal quietude that allows me to be fully present with the information your body is presenting.

In this way, the wisdom of health is assisted to spread through the inseparable physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your being. Through this biodynamic process, you may experience increased resilience to life, decreased pain or stuck-ness in affected areas, and freedom inside that makes room for further healing to take place on its own.

I value the quality of therapeutic relationship we develop on your journey of health, and the opportunity to hold a sacred space for you.  You can rely on a safe, kind and respectful environment that nurtures you to relax deeply into your skin, body and being.  I will meet you with touch that is tuned to your unique constitution, interfaces with its depth, and allows you to ease toward places inside you that are emerging.


Heart of the blossoming Dekum district 

Inside of the Five Ten Wellness Center

510 NE Dekum Street Portland, Oregon 97211

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I specialize in nourishing touch which is tuned to your specific health needs.  My therapeutic massage warms and reconnect local areas of your body to the broader whole.  At the same time I feel into the health in your body with precision and awareness.  This combination of conscious touch with sensing though all the layers of you into health, is the essence of biodynamic massage.  It is well known that our bodies can store stressful experiences, like emotional, physical and spiritual shock that we are unable to fully process when they occur.  When stored instead of cleared, they take refuge as densities and cause the rest of our system to fixate around them.  This forces our internal health strategy to adapt within the parameters of constriction. Biodynamic massage is a powerful catalyst to work with these stuck places as they become powerful hubs of transformation to health.  When your body is ready to accept and let go of something from the past, your inner body may begin to unwind to release what has been stuck in a holding pattern. I support your physical body to follow this inner transformation at a rate your system is able to incorporate. In addition to relieving pain and increasing whole system function, a biodynamic massage can also open up ease and a deeper connection to all of life. 

"Sarah’s work as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist has been the most profound experience I have had with massage.  She is extremely present during the session.   I feel she creates a wonderful environment that allows me to heal and connect to a deeper sense of myself."


In this  powerful and precise hands on therapy, I support your body's innate ability to heal.  Cranial therapy treatments engage many levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral.  There is a direct energetic purity to cranial therapy that facilitates its potency but also incredible softness as well.  Since it is gentle and non-invasive by nature, cranial therapy is appropriate for almost anyone.  In most cases you remain clothed on the table.  The palpation process gives me clues where the health has accrued.  Then my presence at that place forms a relationship with your health, and stays there until there is increased buoyancy.  This process of being witnessed with love, awareness and acceptance amplifies and accelerates the changes that could occur naturally at a much slower pace.  With cranial therapy I support your whole being to come more into the present.  Together, we can effectively address chronic patterns of emotional and physical pain. Cranial therapy works with your whole body's ability to respond and adapt better to both global and localized issues within.  My passion is being with you to support this potential we all have to grow with blossoming wholeness and health.

"I have been seeing Sarah monthly for some time and I am growing exponentially because of our work together.  Her touch communicates the purest love allowing my body to soften, my mind to quiet and my heart to open.  She guides me to such deep and hidden places where I am able to remember and reclaim beautiful and powerful aspects of myself.  I have been looking for a practitioner like Sarah for a long, long time and I am eternally grateful to be in her care. "


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