Biodynamic Lineage

The biodynamic cranial lineage passed down to me from Todd Jackson is based in non-dual relationship with life, and emphasizes wholeness.  The work encourages a dissolution of motives and a growth in practitioner presence.

In order to attend to this wholeness from which health arises as a basic ordering principle, the practitioner develops precise palpation skills.   These include whole body listening with: the hands, heart, derma body, inner body, glands, and central channel (and its chakras), to name a few.  Just like in meditation where the meditator learns to track felt sense within her own body with unwavering presence, overtime the biodynamic practitioner develops the ability to precisely track the clients quietude and health throughout all aspects of a treatment.  The quieter I am at my core, the greater the depth and potency of healing force is likely to emerge and make way for fresh expression in you.  Ideally, both precise focus on localized health and unfocused awareness of the whole are being held by the practitioner simultaneously.

Biodynamic practice naturally becomes a way of being as the practitioner begins to gravitate toward places that are flooded with silence.  Regular meditation and qigong help clear the physical and energetic layers and ventilate the sense of self, and are considered a normal part of preparation for advanced work.  Receiving the work and regular exchange with peers is requisite to honing and sharpening essential internal palpation skills.  Repeating training until the principles become fully embodied reflexes is expected.

Below are a few people's whose way of being, practicing, or what they teach have inspired how I relate to Quietude in the cranial field:

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