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How I work and who can benefit

I notice something different about the therapeutic relationship you cultivate with me.  

Can you explain this?

The skill set I have been trained in allows me to attune to you with a steady presence.  When your system can begin to trust and receive the nourishment that comes from being held with great acceptance, this is a catalyst for health to assist our work together.  Then the quietude in your body comes forward to guide me to the places where we'll work in a session.  The therapeutic results are penetrating and different than traditional massage.

What kind of clients and ailments do you treat?

Sometimes we need support because our bodies are stressed, or injured, or we aren't able to care for ourselves alone.  You may have found me because you are seeking relief from this kind of pain or fatigue, or because you just want to relax deeply.  I train to provide solid support in those ways, with my physical touch and understanding of the body.  


People who have been in the medical system but haven't found a heart and health-centered approach, one that is equipped to treat more than the physical body, tend also to gravitate toward me.  We can work together in collaboration with other health support you may be receiving to fill out a holistic approach to your wellbeing.  


People who are curious about the mysteries of life, and seekers of a mindful integrated path are a great fit for my work.  

Are your treatments more therapy or bodywork?

Health doesn't differentiate between parts like 'mind' or 'body'.  All of our parts are interrelated in an inseparable whole.  Our physical bodies are a point of entry, and become a tool of interface with every layer of our being.  


Biodynamic massage and cranial therapy are both bodywork and therapeutic for your whole being.

What does this work do for me?

Biodynamic massage and cranial therapy are both excellent paths to supporting the whole person toward greater connection and communication throughout their being.  They can support well worn primary patterns to provide you with more resources to explore.  Many people find themselves functioning with more ease and spaciousness.  Sometimes shifts occur that support positive life changes, or sudden direct insight may arise to provide a truly fresh perspective.  And unanticipated growth may start to emerge which goes on to unfold over many months.  I will often hear people say: "I feel more like myself, more of me is here now."

If my approach seems like a good fit for you, contact me to schedule a time when we can begin this journey together.

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