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If you are on our mailing list (sign up below), we will let you know when Inhabitance returns with another series.  Thank you!

Please join us at this monthly gathering of embodied movement and inner dance.  We are creating a respectful shared space to explore and enjoy the internal dialogue with our own movement. This is a container where dance and movement are conduits for expanding awareness and embodiment of our being.

While Sarah and Linnea will be offering a theme for each sound journey, this is an unled open practice. We created this for people (like ourselves) who want to enjoy the pleasure of moving mindfully and feeling their inner body in a warm, welcoming, clean space, with music sets that are designed for it.


People of all shapes, textures, colors, and timelines are welcome.


To create this safe space for somatic inquiry in the company of others, we encourage limited physical contact and interaction (some may arise spontaneously anyways), atunment to who is around you (they may be sensitive energetically), and mindfulness around scent and dress (we suggest comfortable, simple clothing).

7-7:30pm is a warm up time.  We invite movers to use this time to create your own invocation or prayer to contain your being in the dance that follows.   Each person will find their own way, but don't be surprised if some participants start with Qigong shaking (to clear fascial strain, loosen the physical body and release the mind's focus), silent seated or standing meditation, and simple floor movements to open the body with bolsters or balls (some provided). 

7:30-9pm is open dance floor. There will be a short introduction of the evening theme, followed by 90 minutes of music designed to support its unfolding.

Attendance will be limited to 20 people in order to create a spacious environment.  Pre-registration is strongly encouraged to guarantee yourself a space.  The cost is $12.00 with pre-registration and $15.00 at the door.


North Portland Yoga

Address: 55 NE Farragut St, Portland, OR 97211

Book a Saturday night

To register and pay,  push the button of the date you want to join us. That will open the Inhabitance event calendar.  


Please Note: when you get to the calendar, the booking systems makes you select the time "7:00pm" on the calendar date that activates the "book it" button and follow the remaining easy instructions.  Thank you!

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Inhabitance: Embodiment and Dance Flyer hosted by Sarah Hall and Linnea Solveig
Inhabitance Dance Floor at The People's Yoga Room Sarah Hall and Linnea Solveig
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