Testimonials from Clients

   Sarah's hands transmit a loving heart, exquisitely listening. She finds the vulnerable places within me and doesn't ask anything of them.  Instead, she works to amplify the feeling of safety and connection, listening and following each nuance of muscle, organ, energetic change.  I always leave feeling more whole and integrated inside, more balanced, patient and present with myself and others.  It's a nice bonus that my physical aches and pains are less, too.  I keep coming back because the peace inside grows, regardless of where she follows the thread of treatment during the session.     -T. J.

   Sarah is a person who can be trusted.  She understands vulnerability and receives it with tenderness and respect.  Sarah’s integrity can be experienced in her pursuit of creating a safe place where honest and sincere dialogue can occur.  She has dedicated time, energy and resources to develop strong communication skills and is committed to creating an environment that holds space for individuals to be seen and heard in a nonjudgmental arena.  Sarah is kind, gentle and intuitive and brings all of these strengths to her practice.  To experience Sarah’s bodywork is to gift yourself an opportunity to feel fully supported, honored and encouraged in your personal quest for optimal health, well-being and spiritual growth. -S.L.


   Sarah Hall is an exceptional healing practitioner.  Sessions with Sarah are among the best I’ve experienced.  Coupled with her listening skills, knowledge, intuition, ability to research and consult with other healers’ practices in body work, Sarah exudes professionalism, confidence and comfort.  The space she has created is truly supportive, immediately putting her clients at ease.  Her work seems to come from a place of quiet, compassion, joy and wisdom.  She is a "natural".  -J.M.


Sarah is an amazingly gifted attuned and intuitive body/energy worker.  I have been blessed to receive her work.  I have done bodywork myself for over 20 years and feel she is a rare talent. -B.K.

   Sarah's presence as a practitioner is extraordinary.  She holds the entire treatment session with an expansive openness to whatever arises, making space for what the body wants to express or release.  My being felt at ease receiving her work, as she listened with respect and honor, not forcing change, but inviting the shifts and changes that wanted to come forth.  Receiving a Biodynamic session from Sarah left me feeling connected to my inner being in a sacred way.  After receiving sessions from Sarah, I noticed my physical and emotional body continue to feel safe enough to unwind and settle into a new way of being.  Her compassionate attention and deep listening leave an impression that continues the work, long after the session ends. -A.S

   Sarah is a wonderful practitioner. I am continually impressed with the authenticity, expertise, and depth she brings to each treatment. Sarah has a unique gift for listening and balancing the body, and has facilitated profound integration for me on both physical and energetic levels. I would highly recommend Sarah's work for stress relief, healing, or as an adjunct for spiritual practice. -D.D.


   After sessions with Sarah, I have experienced feelings of wholeness, integration, and passion for life through her bodywork practice in Biodynamic Cranial Therapy.  She has the ability to remain wholly present, fully engaged and focused through the sessions.  Her respect for the miracle of the human body and her clients’ own processes is truly amazing!   Thank you, Sarah for bringing your eclectic educational background to this practice and for gently sharing all that you know with those you touch! -J.M.

   Sarah brings a heartfelt gentleness to her body work that feels true and welcoming. Her attention is unwavering, quiet and strong. During my massage I felt guided along an unfolding journey with all the support I needed.  -T.C.

   With impeccable character and a radiant heart Sarah's professionalism, sense of humor, and ability to connect flow in harmony, facilitates profound healing. Sarah's touch has allowed for a peace within me to emerge. A before remote aspect of my inner being came forward into the spaciousness of this peace meeting Sarah. -C.G.

   Sarah's treatments are all heart. One big juicy heart in which no part of me is ever excluded. Incredibly nourishing and profound. Thank you Sarah. -M.R.

   Sarah is a profound bodyworker, and always met my being/body where it was at - not pushing past yet not abandoning her felt-sense in any way.  She is a very special person, and can hold space on a profoundly deep level. Only once in a blue moon do you find a practitioner like her. -M.M.

   Receiving Biodynamic treatments from Sarah consistently brings me to a place of ease within my being. Her quiet internal presence aides in my ability to go deep within myself, to formulate the health response needed to aide in the healing I am in most need of in the moment. I greatly appreciate her ability to be with me, to truly be with me- so that the healing needed reaches beyond the surface of symptoms the body may be presenting such as aches and pains. Her approach and the stillness she has cultivated provides just the right medicine needed to produce life lasting transformation. -S.D.


   Sarah holds a safe, loving and nurturing space that invites complete surrender.  Her work is profound.  It touches your soul. I felt like Sarah reached in and held my heart.  -A.B.

   Sarah's ability to be present with her clients contributes to feeling safe and deeply relaxed. With Sarah's approach to healing being a focus on health and quiet in the body I found ease in shifting and healing. Since what you focus on grows it was helpful for me that she did not to put any energy into the dis-ease in my body and instead focused on where I wanted to go, which was towards health. Sarah is confident and skilled I am grateful that I have been able to be on her table and in her care. -A.S.


   Sarah is deeply intuitive. With her gentle touch, open mind and open heart, she creates a safe, warm and welcoming space for powerful change to occur. -M.R.



   In just our first session together, Sarah helped my mind and body get to a place of quiet stillness that I hadn’t realized was possible. I feel so delighted to have experienced it with her, and for the opportunity to continue watching it manifest. -A.C.


   My biodynamic massage session was different from other massages I've had. Instead of tuning out to what was going on, I felt extremely tuned in and connected to my body, and also to my emotions. I felt an important integration happening, between different parts of my body, between my body and mind, and between different aspects of my mind and emotions that I had been struggling to link up and understand. I was grateful and surprised to find myself in such a place of deep knowing and intuition. -K.M.


   Sarah brings a forthright calmness to her bodywork. I felt totally welcomed and safe in her presence. As this was my first experience with cranial biodynamic work, she gave adequate information to prepare me for the experience. Her wordless guidance through therapeutic touch was skilled, unobtrusive and freeing. -J.T.


   I could speak for days about how profound and tremendous Sarah's healing work is, and I feel like I have been speaking about it with everyone I meet. I have never felt as met as I did in our first session of Biodynamic Craniosacral and Massage. She is so embodied and congruent with her values, practices, and work that her ability to hold space and channel healing energy and love is one of the greatest gifts I've ever encountered.  She engages from a place of loving kindness, a space absent of judgement, and her energy, practices, and work integrate in such a way that is able to connect with my body's health and wisdom. A session with Sarah allowed me to sense my body's health and wisdom, and well, through its recognition and holding it in light, it was able to grow and blossom more fully. Literally, the sensations in my body, she felt and tracked in my body, unlike any healing experience I've ever had, and it felt like the illusions of separation dissolved, and I could taste the oneness of divinity and source. The most wild part is I am not exaggerating. Sarah is very humble and clear about her role in the work as a space holder, and not the DO-er of the healing. However, whatever she is doing it is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received and I wish that every person interested can experience such a blessing. I am forever grateful! -V.B.

   Thank you so much for your deeply caring massage.  So much pure love flows through you during your work, it is amazing.  You made me feel so at ease and grateful.  I felt loved and taken care of on so many levels.  When I said, " thank you", as you were holding me.  I felt tears fall from my eyes. Thank you also for your kind words.  I feel humbled by your gift.  -B.H.


   I felt seen and held by Sarah's wisdom and light even before I was on the table. She was quietly curious and supportive of what my body was going through at the time. Her approach was truly more meditative than traditional massages I've had in the past and I felt as if she was "seeing" and interpreting the energetic pathways accurately.  I was left with a feeling of peace and calm and that my body had been safely and gently nurtured to heal itself the way it was inherently created to do. -W.F.


   Sarah is an attuned healer. Her biodynamic massage helps me feel connected to my body and to my inner self. During a treatment, I can feel different parts of my body integrating around a calm center, and I am left grateful and surprised to be in such a place of deep knowing and intuition. -K.M.


   The work I receive from Sarah has been pivotal for me.  I feel as though she left an imprint on my heart. -A.B.

   Sarah's work was transformational. I have trouble relaxing during massage (especially being a massage therapist, myself). During my treatment, I was in and out of a subconscious, relaxed state and felt at complete ease after. Sarah is gentle, knowledgeable, and has inspiring intuition. -C.H.


   Sarah offers a unique approach to body work. Her work is on a deeper level, beyond the body. I felt a profound sense of calmness and connection with my body after her work that I find builds with each subsequent treatment. -T.B.

   My massage was absolutely amazing. One of the best!   Sarah had an intuitive healing connection with me from the moment I walked in the door. Her assessment connected my body right away, and immediately started releasing some energy I have been holding on to for awhile. The massage was also very relaxing and towards the end I felt my heart open up like it had let go some of the pain that needed to be released. I felt like I was able to breath through my heart in a way I didn't know I could. In yoga teachers say to breath into your heart but I felt like I was actually breathing with my heart completely open. Thank you for such a lovely experience. This style of massage is so unique and connects with the body in a way I have never experienced before. -R.K.


   Working with Sarah was my first experience with Biodynamic Craniosacral work. Sarah is one of the most patient practitioners I have ever received bodywork from. She is able to hold space for her clients in such a profound way; I really appreciated how her approach encouraged a beautiful and safe environment for change to occur within my body. Thank you for the amazing work you're doing Sarah!!  -B.D.

   Sarah is such a warm, open, vibrant, loving person. Her treatment greatly supported my being, because it didn’t ask for anything. We were just there, present. During our sessions, my mental chatter reduced to the point where there were almost no thoughts, and showed me the stillness I’m capable of. -A.K.


   "Heart presence"---  Not only did I feel Sarah's wonderful hands present to my tissues, energy, etc., but I felt the welcome feeling of home coming from her heart. As a body/mind practitioner myself, I'm extremely sensitive and aware of the quality of listening touch I am receiving during a session. I feel much gratitude when such quality of touch and presence of the practitioner allows me to go to the place of deep, sweet relaxation or to unfolding/unwinding healing movements. Sarah is such a practitioner. I say, treat yourself to a visit!  -D.M.

   I first met Sarah over 20 years ago at an art school orientation we were both attending as a prerequisite to begin our studies.  We each had to stand and say something about ourselves, and when I heard Sarah speak about herself with such silliness and confidence, I knew immediately I wanted her as my friend.  Even then, Sarah had an aura about her, the kind that pulls you in and says come play with me.  Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to witness Sarah’s journey through life and, no matter what she pursues, there is always an underlying current of consistency that includes commitment, passion, dedication to excellence, love of learning, an open mind and joy that comes from engaging in the world fully. -S.L.

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