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What you can Expect at your Treatment

I include time for intake before your table time starts.  I may ask you health related questions and perform a standing palpation that helps me assess the focus of the treatment.

Besides welcoming your physical body to the table with conscious touch, you will receive my kindness, presence, and acceptance as I navigate with my felt sense through the many layers.  I don't use many words during a treatment but you are always welcome to ask questions. Your comfort and ease are important.

You can also expect me to address your goals, while prioritizing the quietest and most potent source of health throughout your entire being.  

Many people feel quiet and spacious after a session.  Sometimes there will be physical symptoms as the body integrates the work.  After a session, please drink water and give yourself some unscheduled time to allow your body to feel and process.  This is important as it helps stabilize the change for long term effect.

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