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Biodynamic massage & cranial therapy Training


Todd Jackson: Founder of Biodynamic Massage, Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, & Inner BodyYoga.  You will find excellent descriptions of the work, as well as his course offerings and yoga schedule here. (plus here you can listen to my interview with Todd on the craniosacral podcast).



Marga Berr Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist & training in France




Biodynamic massage therapists:


Angela Severson Massage biodynamic massage & gifted abdominal work


Monica Rudestam  biodynamic massage & acupuncture


Angie Ringwald  biodynamic massage & Hawaiian Lomilomi


Brigitte Kranabitl  biodynamic massage & body-mind integrative work


Lynn Morrison biodynamic massage & Thai massage


Stacy Darby  biodynamic massage & Reiki


Laura Anderson biodynamic massage informed by years of experience working with energy through Thai massage


Jolene Kelley craniosacral therapy, structural integration, & energy therapy


Nourishing therapeutic massage


Joseph Kairos offers skillful strong hands, a deeply nourishing touch, the warmest heart, and a clean energetic presence.  Book with him here


Sarah Kittleson with a passion for her heart-centered healing work brings sensitive and wise hands that move skillfully throughout a treatment





Anna Murphy-Moore Potentials Wellness Center  Anna is a Chinese medical doctor and combines acupuncture integrated with a biodynamic cranial awareness


Joseph Soprani Five Element Healthcare




Feldenkrais Instruction and treatments

Alice Boyd, private & public Feldenkrais in Portland  Effort Less



Fitness Training (Physical Education for Adults)

Chris Bathke is the owner of Elemental Fitness Lab where he creates an optimal environment in which to develop physical intelligence and fitness training.  This is a special place!  I highly recommend both Chris and Blaine for supporting people to develop intelligent body awareness, fitness, and long term integrated strength

Introduction to Elemental Fitness Lab



Allison Riegel. Yoga therapy & instruction, noteworthy for her elegance and savior-faire.

Her teaching schedule can be found at


Linnea Solveig inspires the multitudes through joy-filled intelligent Yoga therapy & instruction 


Carly Nalini with her keen intellect, gift with words and passionate presence, Carly guides people from diverse populations deep into themselves through Private yoga therapy & public yoga classes



Body-mind Talk Therapy

Deborah Merkle Rubenfeld Synergy and Biodynamic Cranial Therapy

Emily Kendal Frey  body-centered somatic therapy

Jan Dworkin facilitates professional development through coaching, consulting, Processwork, therapy.  She is the co-founder of the Process Work Institute 

Laura Riley LPC Coalesce Counseling 


Practical skills for wise communication

LaShelle Lowe-Charde Wise Heart: Practical Skills for Personal Transformation and Thriving Relationships


Water Oriented Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Pool-based)

Mary Seamster, Amnion, (short video of Mary demonstrating her approach with me in her treatment pool)



Qigong Instruction

Rose Allen classes and workshops in Portland Rose City Qigong

Master Liu He, Portland-based  Ling Gui Qigong School

Bill Frazier (Aurora, Oregon) Qigong Club

Paul Deering (Eugene, Oregon)  White Dragon Movement Arts

Kurt Miyajima (Maui), Energy Arts



Osteopathic Physicians

Greg Esmer DO, Osteopathic PDX

Turner Slicho, DO The Doctor

Duncan Soule MD Healing with Osteopathy, Homeopathy and Holistic Medicine



Ilana Gurevich, ND, LAc @ Quan-Yin Healing Arts Center

Mary Scott, ND, LAc  Mary is the real deal.



Specialized Coaching

Beth Chapman is gifted at helping people organize their spaces so that they can thrive.  

Michelle Hynes certified Integral Coach, provides outstanding support to people through professional change and transition.

Patricia Keeler a heart-centered and inspiring life coaching, she is trained in both Process work & Rubenfeld synergy.



Meditation Instruction

Ani Pema Chodron American Tibetan BuddhistGampo Abbey 

Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka.  The real deal

Quepasana (Maui, Ashland) combines Vipassana and Yin Yoga in a stunning setting


Conscious Movement

Winy Wheeler and Meshi Chavez Momentum Dance Studio

Astrology and Tarot

Gayle MacDonald Astrological Consultation 

Carol FerrisMaster Astrologer 

Jesse Carsten Tarot Readings



Animal Relationships

Wendy K. Fuller, CPDT-KA trainer, Doggie Dharma (peaceful positive approaches to working with your pup).  Wendy 5.0 is a true gem




Body Oriented Podcasts

Ryan Hallford's Craniosacral Podcast 

Brooke Thomas' Liberated Body Podcast




Embodied Artmaking

Miksang Contemplative Photography





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